The Zendian problem. Mapping the networks.

This post is about my attempt to solve the Zendian problem. It shows my initial work on mapping the communications networks used in exercise. Don’t click “Continue reading” if you want to avoid spoilers.

Mapping the communications networks essentially means figuring out who speaks with who and establishing relationships between parties. While by itself it probably will not reveal any secrets, the information might become useful later.

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The Zendian problem.

Yesterday i came across the Zendian problem – a exercise given as part of advanced cryptanalytics course at NSA. Wikipedia gives the basic background of the exercise (link) as well as link to material to decrypt, along the warning to avoid looking at Karl Heinz-Everts webpage if you want to attempt to solve it yourself.

The question I have is – do an 35 year old guy without background in cryptanalytics or mathematics can solve at least part of exercise that graduates of CA-400 course struggled with 50 years ago?

I will try to post updates on my progress along with solutions that I might hopefully figure out, so be warned about spoilers if you want to attempt it yourself.  Comments will be disabled to avoid spoiling the fun for me.

Baofeng un Yaesu lādētāji

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